Build Number: 20140929001- September 29th, 2014.


New Features, Improvements and Optimizations

  • Added single sphere mode via zoom with MMB click/double click
  • Added Reinhard tonemapping
  • Added 3d preview color tint options
  • Added 3d preview camera rotation via RMB
  • Added Post FX to the 3d preview (Exposure and Reinhard)
  • Added Roughness Phong, Roughness Blinn-Phong, and Patterns view in the 3d preview window
  • Reconfigured SH Irradiance coefficients export to .ash
  • Added documentation for Lys power drops. Incl. a method to mimic half-vector based BRDFs


Bug fixes

  • Fixed export and preferences saving
  • Added orientation options to the preferences menu