Lys 1.0.1 Released!


Build Number: 20160313001 – March 13th, 2016

Since the 1.0 release of Lys we have been hard at work fixing a few bugs and adding new improvements to Lys. Time to enjoy Lys 1.0.1!

What’s changed since Lys 1.0?


New Features, Improvements and Optimizations


  • Added a the option to use Burley as a power drop.
  • Added support for HDR (Radiance) export.
  • Added support for Copy/Paste.
  • Added the ability to load/save Knald settings to a file (.ksf).
  • Add button triplets to 3d preview saving
  • Added notification group to the preferences.
  • Improved precision for the Info Tab Mix/Max values.
  • Increased online activation grace period from 7 to 30 days.
  • Added “P” hotkey for 3d preview viewport.
  • Added new default/fall back Knald Technologies folder in Documents.
  • Updated tooltips.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and optimizations.


Bug fixes


  • Fix for issue where Irradiance would not export unless the Specular map was checked
  • Fix for issue where the Specular group would not save correctly in some cases.
  • Fix for issue where the legacy DDS export was using the wrong header information in some situations.
  • Fix for various modifier key sticking issues in 3d preview and settings cluster.
  • Fix for issue where the red channel Max value displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a few minor GUI related issues.
  • Fixed some rare license authentication issues.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.